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The vision for the Valor brand started in 2006 in Macon, Ga. Valor Scents sought out to create a line of fragrances that both men and women would enjoy. The goal was to create a bold product that held familiar scents, with enduring memories that are uncommon in the market today.

Every great experience has a story. We strive to capture the essence of these stories by triggering the sense of smell, which is tied to memory and emotion. After many years of planning, research, and development, that vision became a reality. In August 2011, the Valor brand was launched!

Through sensory appeal, Valor Scents are carefully curated to provoke emotion, attraction, and rich comfort. It's more than a musk, it's memorable, resonating with experiences.

That's just a prelude, the real story begins when you open the tin, hold the flame to the wick, spark the connection, and take it all in as your candle comes to life! We are happy to share this experience with you!