Valor Candles & Gifts For Men

The vision for Valor Candles began in the summer of 2006 in Macon, Georgia. Valor's founder, Johnny Rohrbeck, sought to develop a line of fragrances that men would enjoy, that would be inspired by specific places or events typically considered to be manly in nature. “Every great experience has a story. My goal was to capture the essence of those stories by triggering the sense of smell, which is tied to memory and emotion. Scent can often enable us to re-live the positive feelings associated with great experiences." – J Rohrbeck.
After many years of planning, research and development, that vision became a reality as Beckenfield Fragrances, Inc. was formed and plans were made to launch “Valor Candles” as its first brand. Together with co-founder Jeff Frankenfield, Mr. Rohrbeck began refining the brand with the determination to do more than just offer a product. The decision was made that Valor would become a brand that fully celebrates the many attributes of manhood by offering a unique destination for stories to be shared, advice to be given, and laughs to be had.
In August of 2011, was launched as the first effort to provide such an environment.  As part of the initial offerings of the website, Valor also introduced four masculine-scented candles: Fairway, Humidor, Date Night, and Parlor. Each fragrance was designed to capture the essence of a distinctive, manly experience. With plans for continued expansion of the website and product line, Valor Candles has an exciting future ahead.
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